Separate collection of waste streams is getting better in Middelburg. With help from you, of course! It means we’re producing less and less residual waste. We call that Het Nieuwe Inzamelen – ‘The New Way of Collecting Waste’.

We will be splitting the waste disposal charges in 2021 into a fixed charge and a variable charge. From 2021 onwards, you pay separately for residual waste.

The fixed rate is lower than last year’s overall charge. This is because there is now a variable part as well. In 2021, you will only pay the fixed part. We will work out the variable part after one year and you will pay it in arrears.

  • February 2021: you pay the fixed charge for 2021
  • February 2022: settlement of the variable charge for 2021 + the fixed charge for 2022

Fixed charge for 2021

  • Single-person household: € 237
  • Multi-person household: € 250

Variable charge for 2021 (to be paid in 2022)

You determine the variable part yourself. It depends on the number of times that you dispose of residual waste. We then multiply that by the rate per wheelie bin or bag of waste in the rubbish collector. That is how you can affect your own waste disposal charges.


  • You pay for each time, not per kilo.
  • It is not possible to switch from 240 to 140 litres or from a wheelie bin to a rubbish collector.

Large wheelie bin

Volume 240 litres
€ 8,00 per time emptied*
3x emptied for the fixed charge

Small wheelie bin

Volume 140 litres
€ 4,67 per time emptied*
5x emptied for the fixed charge

Rubbish collector

Bag tray volume 40 litres
€ 1,33 per depositing*
18x rubbish is deposited for the fixed charge

*The charges per liter are equal

The first times the bins are emptied or that you deposit rubbish are included in the fixed charge. You pay the variable charge for the times above that number that residual waste is disposed of.